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don't cast your early ballots just yet. some stakes being delivered to maryland voters. and the north carolina outer banks reopens but this are some unwanted guests thanks to earl. and the message from firefighters so this doesn't happen to you when you're away.
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a terrible afternoon for a company. >> four men were working on a apartment complex when a tranche collapsed, burying one man alive. stacy cohan has the story. >> reporter: the member -- the men were too upset to talk on camera, but they did say the dirt came down so suddenly that they didn't have time to react, but they may have saved their coworker's life. a man remained encased in dirt. around 11:30 a.m. workers came to this district heights city to do some water work and dug a hole 6 feet deep. one worker was in the hole when the sides collapsed. >> it covered over his head, his coworkers were able to extricate him down to his waist to get the dirt out of the way. >> reporter: getting him
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completely free was more complicated. they had to carefully dig and construct a wooden stair so the firefighter could be lowered into the entrenched. the man was given oxygen to help his breathing. >> he is conscious and alert and he's having respiratory distress and is tired. >> reporter: after 2:00 the man is hoisted out of the hole. he winces in pain as he is whisked away into an ambulance and figuring out what went wrong will begin starting with questions with whether or not the trench was secured prior to the collapse. >> it looks 6-7 feet, if not deeper and the rule i believe is 4 feet and above you have to have metal or wooden shoring on the line. >> reporter: the victim was taken to baltimore shock trauma where he was last listed in stable condition. >> any word on whether the trench was properly drug? >> reporter: we've covered
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stories like this before and the firefighters on scene did tell us after we asked that there did not appear at first glance to be any shoring, either metal or wooden braces on the side of the trench to prevent it from caving in. there is an ongoing investigation. >> stacy cohan live in the news room. thank you. a truck turned a restaurant in a drive-through in falls church. police say the driver lost control and slammed into mete in a box. the driver is expected to be okay. the cause of the crash is not yet known. in northeast d.c., a fire raced through a home destroying everything inside. this is how the home looked when crews arrived. charred and spoking with flames into the air. the fire burned every floor and the front porch collapsed as firefighters tried to enter. fire crews have a familiar message for homeowners. >> make sure you have a working
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smoke detector in your house. if not, contact 311 and we'll have a unit come out and in stall one for you. >> no one was inside the home. fire spread to a nearby house causing damage there as well. what was hurricane earl is now just a memory for the east coast. north carolina beaches are back open but not as packed for a holiday weekend. 25% fewer tourists are taking a bite out of tourism in places like kill devil hills and complaints about unwelcome bugs brought to the islands from earl. spraying is underway to help control. the clean-up is under way in new england. cape cod braced for the worst of the storm but didn't get hard. still a few homeowners are dealing with damage. 60 mile-per-hour winds and high waves pulled a deck into the ocean. spectators watched as part of the sand cliff the house sits on fell into the sea. >> i have never seen the surf that high in 35 years. that ocean was unbelievable. >> ocean city getting 10-foot
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waves at the height of the storm. while earl spared the home, the deck took a beating. taking a live look outside. this is our tower cam. the area across the air -- the weather across the area glorious and whatever word you want to use to describe the day. gwen has more on how the day shapes up. >> those are great adjectives for today. and we can carry those over for tomorrow. things are looking great as far as our holiday is concerned. let's look at where we hit temperature wise today. because we were flirting with the seasonal averages. 82 degrees at national, 79 at dulles, 78 at baltimore. and skies still really nice outside. a ridge of high pressure in control. just the odd cloud here and there but nothing to take away from the glorious sunshine we've been experiencing and that is still out there as far as today is concerned. current temperatures, 80 degrees in the nation's capital. 77 at baltimore. 78 at dulles. and for tonight, mostly clear
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skies. a few clouds or so. by the 11:00 hour we'll be skirting with about 70 degrees but the week is shaping up to be great and i'll have the details and a look at beach forecast in cases that where you're headed for the holiday. >> a lot of folks wish they were. some dmv workers are not enjoying the weekend. they are processing backlogs after a system-wide failure. about 35,000 to 40,000 people were expected. if you still need to use the extended service hours, 14 centers will be open tomorrow from 8:00 a.m. to noon. and a reminder about changes on metro's red line. glenmont, wheaton, forest glenn and silver spring stations closed until 5:00 a.m. on tuesday. they are offering bus service between glenmont and fort
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totten. they are laying new track, in stalling new safety lights and repairing water leaks. the maryland primary is just over a week ago but accusations of election fraud are coming out of prince george's county. candidates there say fake ballots are circulating and they could be against the law. tisha thompson here to explain. >> reporter: candidates often hand out sam poll ballots. for this year o'malley and party put out a pamphlet with the candidates that he endorsed. but there is a similar-looking ballot that some candidates said is all wrong. >> reporter: angela knew something was wrong as soon as the fake ballot arrived. >> it has me listed for candidate of state attorney and for a candidate for the court. >> reporter: on the ballot the
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democrat has endorsed also brooks for attorney and they look similar but the details give it away. >> and the worse part is this is an illegal document. it listed citizens for change and there is no such company in the state of maryland. >> reporter: once you flip it open, the fake ballot tells you to vote for opponents. >> it is a felony. it is a federal offense, a violation of campaign law to have a committee that does not exist. >> reporter: the senator blames three of the candidates listed on the fake ballot. his opponent albert chapman, chris alder amia and others because he saw them handing out the ballots during early voting >> i went to the candidates and said these are fraudulent, you can't carry these. by having potential lawmakers say to me, i don't care if we're breaking the law, we're
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going to carry them for three days and that was basically the response until we the police actually went out to make these candidates put down the ballots. >> this is one of the type of things that made be decide to leave politics to start with. >> reporter: glenn ivey said the real problem is the criminal investigation will take much longer than the election so there is really only way to punish those responsible. >> figure out who is doing this and punish them at the ballot. and they say not only does the committee exit accidents for change not exist, they list a phony treasurer and address. we called all three candidate as cused of creating the fake ballots and left messages asking for comment but we have not received a response. >> thanks, tisha. next time you get the mail you might find something with a
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religious stamp. >> a tribute to mother teresa. these people rallied on the states -- on the steps of the state capitol. and the progress to keep the occurrence -- the once leaking oil well shut off. >> we'll be right back. 
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another major milestone for bp in the gulf. crews raised the failed blow-
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out preventer out of the ocean today. it took 30 hours to haul from the beneath the surface. it is a key piece of evidence. investigators will use it to understand to what led to the deepwater horizon. days after the u.s. ended combat operations in iraq, an army base comes under attack. insurgents tried to storm the army base in bagdad today with car bombs killing 12 people. remaining u.s. forces held the -- helped the afghan army set off the attack. two attackers died trying to breach the gates. deadly landslides in guatemala. emergency services believe up to 100 people may be buried. rescue crews are searching for victims. at least 38 people are reported dead. firefighters finally gaining the upper hand in the battle against a brush fire in yorba linda, california.
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orange county fire crews responded last night and worked into the early morning hours looking for hot spots. several helicopters dropped water on the fire. the cause of the flame is under investigation. a march in new orleans for two people killed in the aftermath of hurricane katrina five years ago. they honored to civilians when officers opened fire on a crowd. six officers have been indicted and their trial is set for june 2011. just around the corner and candidates are campaigning as election day creeped closer. >> today tim kaine brought his message of what is at stake in the fall election in our area. what he has to say coming up. and take a live look outside. you know what that is? clear skies and the washington monument. will labor day be a repeat?
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gwen is in place and she has your forecast. d 
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democrats in virginia hit the pavement today, trying to gain support for the fall election. they call it campus kickoff. former virginia governor tim kaine joined connelly in fairfax going door to door to spread the message. they said a lot is at stake and
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his party can get the job done. >> you can't turn around the worst recession in 80 years in 18 months. i wish you could. but we, god know it, have been trying and the only sides only answer is no. >> the candidates kickoff as part of the grassroots campaign to mobilize voters this year. the west coast where thousands of christians gathered on the state of the capitol today in california. they gathered to protest for everything from pornography to gay marriage. karen lopez has more. >> our bodies, our spirits, our minds. >> reporter: these christians are on their knees with arms spread out in prayer. some in tears. all wanting change. >> have mercy, god. >> reporter: crowds of christians filled capital mall. part of lou engel's call to conscious prayer rally, asking
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god for a revival against message. >> until death to you part. >> reporter: pornography. >> and keep him holy in all things and that is sexual purity, then we'll destroy this nation. >> reporter: and gay marriage. >> i thought the way of the world was the way of jesus. >> do you think he hates gays? >> no. he loves them. he loves us. he loves everybody. >> reporter: the christians say they are not judging gays, they are praying for them to change their ways. >> why does my life effect yours? if you're caught up in my life, you're thinking about things you shouldn't be. >> reporter: they want the christian community to mind their own business. >> you have a 60% divorce rate, are you doing such a good job? >> people are coming around and realizing that stable relationships are godly. >> these prayerful people say today's rally is all about
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restoration for everybody. >> god loves each and every soul and he can restore each and every soul. well gwen, you know i grew up in california and today we had california weather. it was sunny with a little breeze coming through. >> was beautiful. >> we're on a good run. >> we are. >> she's going to drum up another day like tomorrow. >> well you know how i say changed ahead, we have a little bit of a change ahead but its all good. let's take another look outside. really nice tonight. very pleasant, california-like conditions for will. and i hope you enjoyed. because it was a day worth getting outside for. skies still very bright. a few clouds but not too much to be concerned with. a nice ridge of high pressure. a cooler night ahead. we'll see temperatures drop into the 50s and out west cooler than that. but a pleasant labor day ahead for you. so that's good news and a lot
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of sunshine to come. will will like that. and into the week the temperatures start to rise. so be prepared for that. but it's not going to be overly hot at all. but here is a look at what we hit today. 82 at national, 79 at dulles, 78 at baltimore: and this hour temperature still on the comfortable side outside with low humidity which is good. 80 degrees at national parent, 75 at gaithersburg. 77 at baltimore. 82 at fredericksberg and 73 for boston. new york kicking in this hour at 74 degrees. and we've got 84 to the south in raleigh. now that ridge of high pressure holding pretty strong. and so we're getting really clear skies here, a few clouds to the south of us. but take a look at a national level. we'll show you where all of the action is because it isn't here, it's areas across the upper midwest where they are dealing with a storm system here and to the south we have a lot of rain and that's associated with a system we're keeping a close eye on. it's a broad area of low
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pressure and that looks like it has about a 60% chance of developing into anything tropical. so that does bear watching. this is in the southwestern gulf of mexico here. elsewhere, just to the east of the leeward islands, another system. this one has an 80% chance of becoming tropical. so we'll watch this as well. and if it does, it could happen any time into the course of later this evening or even into tonight. so this definitely bears watching. we might have an update on that by the later shows. in the meantime, plenty of sunshine into the holiday weekend. ridge of high pressure in control sliding off to the east and leaving us with a very pleasant labor day for you. so if you're heading to the beaches, plenty of sunshine there. temperatures ranging pretty much into the low 80s give or take. but a lot of nice conditions for you so the breach is a great day to enjoy for your tomorrow. so for can't then, mostly clear and cool, 58 degrees. cooler to areas of the west. and then light and variable winds.
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tomorrow plenty of sunshine and hitting 85 degrees. here is your day planner for tomorrow. by the 8:00 hour around 68 degrees. 78 by the time we hid mit -- we hit midday. and a southerly flow coming in so still not dealing with humidity but pleasant, comfortable conditions. if you're doing anything outside like the barbecue i hear they are having at will's house. here is the five-day forecast. dry conditions across the board with plenty of sunshine. the only issue with the dry conditions are that areas along the potomac highlands and shenandoah valley are in a drought condition and that's not good because we hop we don't have to deal with wildfires. >> i think i'm getting the hamburger meat immediately. now a stamp to honor mother teresa. the post office issued the stamp at the basilica of the
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shrine of the immaculate conception. truckies took part in the art convention. the dragon con convention is taking place. the convention will raise money for the georgia chapter of the lupus foundation of america. >> if only we had fan -- fans that dedicated. the nats taking on the diamonds. >> plus redskins players who were cut are brought back to the practice squad. find out who? that is coming up next.
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good evening and happy labor day weekend. i'm lindsey murphy. we are one week from the redskins hoping game on sunday night football against the cowboys. yesterday they announced 21 roster cuts and today they announced the practice squad. they can have 7 and they have selfish capers and will cook and robinson and jackson and russell and running back ryan torain. these players will make $5,200 a week or $88,400 if they stick around for the whole season. they often sign practice squad players to the active lost fer
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there are needs during -- if there are needs during the season. this past april, only two remain. trent williams number 72 is the team starting left tackle and perry reilly. number 53 out of lsu, the skins fourth round pick. now of the other draft picks eric cook was released, dennis morris traded to the rams. severallic capers released yesterday but signed to the practice squad today. >> you have to do what you think is best for your football team. the worst thing people do is to keep a draft pick just to keep a draft pick. you keep the people that give you the best chance to win. and if you get 50% of your draft choices kept on the football team, that's a great percentage. >> they didn't have 50%. the first meeting between two teams. the hokies 1 in 25 all time
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against a.p. teams. the terps have a big game tomorrow when they face navy. they are meeting for the first time since 2005 and neither is ranked. this is the 21st meeting with the midship men holding a 14-6 lead in the series. for the terps, it's about erasing a 2-10 season, proving they are fighters. friedgen said he likes the idea of competing for maryland bragging rights. >> i think it's good for the state of maryland. i think for football in this state but also just whether we play in basketball and football, to me it would be a great rivalry and something that i would look forward to. we need a rivalry in our situation and i think something in state. the nationals and pirates, the rubber game. top of the fourth, adam dunn going up, a solo home run.
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that's his 34th of the season. dunn with two rbis. the nationals led 2-0. and then zimmerman collects a based loaded two out single and desmond would score followed by marquice who earned his second consecutive win. zimmerman four rbis and winning first road series since may. they host the mets tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. the orioles hosting the rays, also the rubber game of the three game set. top of the 6th, the rays trail until bj upton takes it to leftfield. a two-run shot. rays had four home runs. and the bottom of the 6:00, the rays play four of their own. this is markakis up the middle. but bell avoids the tag. the orioles edge the race 8-7. and that's the sport. coming up tonight, a look at
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one of footballs brightest stars. >> it's not bad bread for the practice squad. and you do get a chance to get bumped up. >> and with injuries, you still get to play against the first string guy and it makes you a better person. anthony armstrong on the practice squad last year and made the squad this year. it goes to show. and that does it for us at 6:00, we're back tonight at 10:00 and for the news edge at 11:00. >> see you then. ksgo t
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